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Mikel Welch is a self-made interior designer that worked his way out of the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan and into a successful life as an interior designer in New York City. As a young boy living in Southfield, Michigan, Mikel busied himself with the construction of sofas and dining tables for imaginary houses - it was evident that creativity and a passion for design were embedded in Mikel from birth. After graduating from Morehouse College, Mikel opened up his first studio, Dwell Interior Design Solutions in Atlanta, GA, which he maintained until relocating to New York City. Today, Mikel runs his interior design business Mikel Welch Designs in NYC and doubles as an on air personality and television set designer.

 While he specializes in luxury interior design, he is also an expert at creating that luxurious look for less. Aside from his successful career as an interior designer, Mikel is making a name for himself on television, appearing in multiple T.V. programs including his newest role as a cast member on TLC’s Trading Spaces.

Mikel’s design work and expertise have been featured in Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, House Beautiful and The New York Times to name a few. He has made television appearances on Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, HGTV’s Design Star, The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), ABC News, NBC News and several other tv shows .